Training is available for anyone in the community. We offer small groups or one to one sessions to help you navigate the world of computers, digital technologies, work readiness programs or simply improve your ability to use common Microsoft Programs (Outlook, Word, Excel).

We also help with your personal devices, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops, on a one to one basis.

Industry Workplace Training

This program includes MS Outlook, Word, Excel and Project. The suite of programs provides an opportunity for those moving off the tools into Supervisory, 2IC or other middle management roles.

The program aims to equip you with a basic understanding of how to use the software applications as everyday tools to get the job done.

The program is available to anyone in the community, together with local industries and businesses. Pre-existing experience in using computers will be essential.

The MS Club

The MS Club focuses on the fundamentals you need to get started in the world of computers and the digital space.

Learn about the Windows Operating System, how to create a basic Word document, file and folder management, editing and general computing activities to build your general knowledge and confidence.

The Social Activities Group

This group combines the very basics of computing in a fun learning environment and is great for those who have never used a computer before. Explore the world of online games for fun whilst you learn at the same time.

Contact our friendly team for more information on other activities that we offer at the same time.

Canva – by expression of interest

Get your creative flairs going with the user-friendly program that will take you through the basic of creating a flyer, the essential formatting and how to grab the reader’s attention. This program is suitable for anyone who has a basic understanding of computers.

Device Help – one on one

We can help you conquer your new mobile phone, tablet or laptop. We are patient and will work at your pace. You can discover how to access your emails on your mobile phone, download games onto your tablet, laptop or mobile phone, send a photo from your mobile phone or other device using Bluetooth technology.

We can help you download the SAFE WA app on to your device and help you understand the concept of apps on your devices.